Field of study

My PhD research is focused on the petrographic & geochemical characterization of extraterrestrial materials including Antarctic and urban (micro)meteorites. This will allow us to obtain a better understanding on the origin and early evolution of the Solar System. Furthermore, by comparing the contemporary and ancient fluxes of extraterrestrial material to Earth, we are able to specify the occurrence of certain events in the local asteroid belt during geological time. 

During my MSc. project, I investigated the petrographic & geochemical properties of volcanic rocks in the Crommyonia region (Corinth, Greece) to determine their petrogenetic evolution and their role within the South Aegean Active Volcanic Arc. 

Follow my PhD progress through a series of iconic photographs!

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Want to find out if you have stardust on your roof?

Collect some dust samples from your local roof gutter and send them to our laboratory at the VUB.

By sending a sample, you will contribute to our research and find out if you have one of these galactic treasures on your roof!


​Bastien Soens 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Pleinlaan 2

1050 Brussels | Belgium

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